Pete Ivatts is a singer/songwriter and actor based in Yorkshire, England. His songs are a poetic mix of English Folk and Country and have the capacity to have you roaring with laughter one minute, and wiping away a tear the next.

Pete started singing and playing guitar in a skiffle group in the mid 1950s. He didn’t start song writing until he was at Drama School in the early 1960s when he also started playing in folk venues. He continued playing, singing and song writing throughout the 1970’s writing songs for theatre shows in Sheffield, Leeds and Bolton where he also worked as an actor. He also wrote songs for children’s television programmes.

In later years he concentrated on his work as an actor and wrote and sang less often, moving to teaching in the 1990s as his wife’s health deteriorated and he needed to care for her. He was her full time carer for many years until her death in 2012.

Encouraged by her brother Tony Aked, who was still involved in the Folk music scene, he then began to play and sing again, which led to the writing of many new songs and appearances at Yorkshire Folk clubs and gatherings. He is now playing regularly and has an album of his songs entitled “Autumn Evening”. There are now almost enough songs for another album which he’ll hopefully be working on later in 2017.

Pete is a Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather. When he isn’t singing, he enjoys playing a round or two of golf.

You can sample some of Pete’s music below, and find out where he is next playing.

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Pete recently played the Archbishop of Canterbury in the hit TV Series, Victoria.


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Track List

Song For Mary

Autumn Evening

Wharfedale Lullaby

Old Age


Red Dancing Shoes

Rainy Days


Girl on The Train

First Love

Cafe Blues

Pete Ivatts’ debut album will have you laughing out loud one minute and crying the next! It is a poetic mix of English country music all written and performed by Pete. Buy Autumn Evening today by clicking on the link and get free postage and packing.

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